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ChangHong Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd

ChangHong Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. is located in “the forest and creative city”of Chenzhou, Hunan Province.We are an international, professional high-technology company which integrated creation, production and sales in intelligent robot and new energy battery industry.

After the establishment our company, we have cooperated with well-known domestic and foreign universities and world-renowned manufacturers in industry. We have established engineering technology research centers in the United States, Taiwan, Chenzhou, Mianyang and other places to build a strong technical force for our development of intelligent robots and new energy battery products. We are the only home intelligent robot engineering technology research center in Hunan Province, and we have been approved to establish the Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. Our products have won the “National Key New Product” certificate. We have professional intelligent robot and new energy battery research and development technology, obtained a number of patent certificates issued by many countries, and established a global intellectual property protection system.

Based on the corporate philosophy of passion, courage, responsibility and accountability, we are committed to become a smart robot service provider that creates a better life for mankind.

  • BrandSichuan ChangHong intelligent ecological chain enterprise
  • 8 yearsFocus on automatic and practical robots
  • 100+Continue to innovate more than 100 patents
  • Advanced autonomous driving technologyStanford University technology, equipped with Silicon Valley smart core Development history
- 2011

Shenzhen Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd.. transferred its business to Chenzhou, and established its subsidiary-Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. in Chenzhou High-tech Industrial Park of Hunan Province

Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. established a wholly-owned subsidiary-Hunan Grand-Pro Robot Tech Co.,Ltd.

- 2012

Fully develop the intelligent robot industry;

Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. was recognized as a "high-tech enterprise”; We were awarded the title of “Hunan Province Home Intelligent Robot Engineering Research Center” by Hunan Science and Technology Department;

- 2013

We were awarded the title of “Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Certification Center” by Hunan Development and Reform Commission.

Hunan Grand-Pro Robot Tech Co., Ltd. was recognized as a “high-tech enterprise”;

- 2014

We were awarded the title of“National Key New Product” issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

- 2015

Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. successfully enter National Equities Exchange and Quotations . “Grand-Pro ” was awarded the famous trademark of Hunan Province.

- 2016

Hunan Grand-Pro Robot Tech Co., Ltd. was awarded as “Chenzhou Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”.

- 2017

Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. and ChangHong Huayi CompressorCo., Ltd. implemented asset restructuring.

- 2018

Chenzhou Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd. rename as Changhong Grand-Pro Tech Co., Ltd.

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  • Corporate vision

     To be the most trustworthy service provider of new energy and intelligent products that creates a better life for mankind

  • Enterprise spirit

    passion, courage, responsibility, accountability

  • Core value

    Worthy of Trust

  • Concept of market

    Brand beyond everything, customer above all

  • Service philosophy

    Fast, high efficiency, touch customer

  • Employment philosophy

    People-oriented, respect knowledge, achieve value

  • Organization philosophy

    Ethic-concerned, absolute obedience, team harmony, pursuit for excellence

  • Production philosophy

    Safety, lean, high efficiency